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Inspiring vision, like the exhilarating perspective of Eagle, is easy to have when skies are clear. This far-sightedness is so important to our well-being and the health of All Our Relations. So though is seeing like humble Mouse who lives close to Earth and notices the intricate detail present in small things like the ever-changing dance of Rain drops on Hemlock. Or the web of exquisite filigree patterns in a decaying leaf. The kind of beauty that can only be seen when we are still enough and quiet enough to notice the extraordinary things that exist right before our eyes. The kind of beauty a grey Fall day invites us to contemplate. The key is to find harmony between the two: The grand and the humble, the exciting and the quiet, the courageous and the vulnerable, the big picture and the small. Clear and inspiring vision that is directed outward and causes our hearts to soar, and the sometimes hard to see but alluring introverted details that are close to soil and soul.

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