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Ravenwood, The Healing Forest
Indigenous Widsom, Life Threatening Illness, and Awakening The Heart

Ravenwood: The Healing Forest invites you to discover how nature is our first and wisest teacher. Through photography and open-hearted sharing, Corinna offers passage into the wild, dynamic, natural world where the fullness of life, even in the face of great difficulty is felt. Through ritual, guided practice, and lessons you are invited to enter into reciprocal relationship with nature that is growth stimulating, hope energizing, meaningful, and connecting.

"This is one of those rare books to keep close at hand for regular reading. Corinna Stevenson has a gift for weaving nature in with Indigenous wisdom for our current, turbulent times. She creatively illumines how our relationship with nature is necessary for a healthy planet and personal life. With embodied practices she takes us into her forest, Ravenwood, where we join with the medicine of our inner and outer guides. Corinna is a member of the Métis nation, one of three distinct Indigenous groups in Canada. She shares herself and her ancestorial inheritance in ways that invite us readers into the Beauty that surrounds each of us. That is in each of us. She is the real deal. She invites perspectives and practices that can transform our engagement with the world and ourselves. She takes us through the seasons where we encounter the strength we need to face any difficulties (she lives with a threatening illness) and to awaken our hearts. Corinna offers us a timely and Indigenous guide to the Beauty Way that is essential for all of us longing for just and transformative ways to live peaceably in these challenging days. I highly recommend Ravenwood: The Healing Forest. I am grateful for Corinna’s work in the world." 


Author of The Clue of the Red Thread and The Wheel of Initiation

Meet Corinna

The name given to me by my parents is Corinna Michelle Carignan. My married name is Stevenson. My traditional name, given to me by Métis Elder, Bruce Dumont, is Acahk Miskinâhk Iskwêw/Spirit Turtle Woman. I come from a strong line of Métis, First Nations, Irish, Scottish, and French ancestors, who explored and lived in North Central Turtle Island and the historic Métis communities of the Red River Valley, St. Boniface, and the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Reservation. Our Métis family names are Larocque, Caplette, Belisle, Beignet, McMillan, Dease, Turcotte, and Ranger. For over 25 years I have guided people through personal transformation in the wilderness of Vanvoucer Island. As a therapeutic wilderness guide for youth at risk, I have hiked and paddled some of British Columbia's most remote destinations. In 2010, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a terminal plasma cell cancer. No longer able to withstand the rigors of wilderness expeditions, I turned my attention to navigating the wild terrains of the soul. Depsite a prognosis of 1-3 years to live, I have been dancing with life threatening illness for over 13 years. It is my belief that if we are to have a future on this beautiful planet that we need to dissolve the illusion that we are separate from each other and from nature. What Ravenwood has taught me is that when we see and hear the wildness within and around us, we can transform suffering into something life sustaining. Nature's expressions act as guides that expand the field of possibility within and around us. The miracle of finding one's true connection with nature can show is that is is possible to live a good life, a beautiful life, amidst uncertainty, illness, chronic pain, and loss. 

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