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We started Ravenwood Retreats based on the idea that nature is the best medicine for us all, and that if we are to have a future on this beautiful planet, we need to dissolve the illusion that we are separate from the nattural world. Ravenwood Retreats invites you to undertake a journey from the outside world to your inner nature. Our retreats are located in the stunning and peaceful forest of Ravenwood, where our guests enjoy transformational nature experiences that invite you to slow down and experience moments of deep connection and appreciation for each other and nature. 


Ravenwood is located on 40 acres bordering the crystal-clear waters of the Salmon River, in the Sayward Valley. The land features majestic old forest, grassy meadows, and many species of edible and culturally significant plants. Visitors are graced with regular visits from a local herd of Roosevelt Elk and the annual salmon run draws in wildlife of all kinds, including black bears and bald eagles. It is our honour and privilege to tend to Ravenwood and the health of our more-than-human kin who share the land with us. We are pleased to share the magic of Ravenwood with you.

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