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Fireside Chats

Maybe you are a meaning seeker, a visionary, or perhaps you find yourself in the midst of a challenging life transition that has you wondering deeply about who you are and where to go from here. 

Maybe traditional therapy or coaching seems incomplete to you and you are seeking clarity or healing through a transformative process that addresses all dimensions of humanness; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Or, maybe you are someone seeking to reconnect with nature and her rhythms, or someone who believes in a more compassionate and connected way of being in the world.

I am a trained and experienced ecopsychologist. For over 18 years I have been guiding people through personal transformation in natural settings, Nature is my co-guide. 

Regardless of where you find yourself on life's journey, nature has the capacity to take us beyond the self and forges meaningful connections that act as a catalyst for transformation. It is as if nature speaks, making visible and meaningful the previously unseen. A bear becomes a symbol for inner strength, a tree reminds us of our inner resources, and a sunrise is a new beginning. These images act as guides that inform us of our desires and priorities and invite us to act accordingly.

Ecopyschology acts as a bridge between the fields of ecology and psychology to address the psychological roots of the ecological and human crises that civilization is experiencing. Fundamental to ecopsychology is our connection to nature. I encourage a relationship with the natural world to help make sense of inner emotions and life experiences. Spending time in nature fosters awareness and interconnection to the world around us, providing the space for inward reflection and the potential for transformation. How we encounter and interpret the natural world creates a personal narrative that gives meaning to experiences and emotions allowing us to develop new ways of understanding ourselves and feeling fully integrated in our lives. Through connection with the natural world, we ultimately become connected to our ‘inner’ nature. Personal distress can be alleviated by developing the mutual connection between inside and outside.

The process of change I foster involves restoring balance to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions, and adopting life-long practices that help to incorporate new behaviour and thought patterns into a congruent way of life that takes into account the larger picture. I view personal growth as a life-long practice and am able to support you in cultivating awareness of your unique gifts and how to share them with the world.The atmosphere I create is non-judgmental, safe, calm, inspirational, and focused. 

My work as guide is to help reveal and cultivate the health and sanity which is already there rather than manipulate or modify people to be better adjusted. This requires a focus on healing through a process of whole-ing (recognizing the wholeness that already exists within), rather than fixing a problem by eliminating it; wholeness-centered (holistic) instead of pathology-centered.

I work with a range of practices including mindfulness and awareness, experiential activities, direct contact with nature, narrative therapy, grief work, environmental action, journaling, ritual and ceremony, spiritual journeying, and reiki. 


What I Offer

one-on-one Fire Side Chats (150$ per hour +GST) for folks needing short term or maintenance guidance, 


I Can Help With

  •       Finding your true path in life

  •       Life transitions

  •       Stress relief, or ways to slow down and find your natural rhythm

  •       Grief and loss

  •       Reconnecting with life

  •       Nature deficit disorder

  •       Anxiety and depression

  •       Self esteem and self awareness issues

  •       A hesitancy to be outside alone

  •       The blues or depression

  •       Environmental activists looking to be inspired and nourished

  •       Artists and creative folks looking for a “natural muse


To reserve an appointment, please contact me 

Click below to submit a payment. Cash or email money transfers are accepted too. If you need to cancel or change an appointment, I require 24 hours notice. Session fees will be charged for missed appointments and late cancellations, unless we are able to reschedule for another time the same week (I cannot guarantee availability, however). 




Getting to Ravenwood

Ravenwood is located in the Sayward Valley, on 40 acres bordering the Salmon River, in the unceded traditional territory of the K’omoks, We Wai Kai and Wei Wai Kum First Nations.

From Victoria: Take the inland Island Highway (Highway 19) North past Nanaimo and the Comox Valley. Stay on the highway straight through to Campbell River toward Port Hardy. When you get to the Sayward Junction, 45 minutes north of Campbell River, turn right. The next right, in about 100 metres, is Skogan Road. For Ravenwood , go left up the driveway to the end of Skogan Road.

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