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Medicine Walks


Do you require guidance for a specific problem, challenge, or question you’re facing? Are you seeking reconnection with authentic self? What medicine are you needing at this moment in your life?


A Medicine Walk is time in nature where you are invited to slow down, tune in, and reconnect to your inner wisdom. Nature will reflect back what the soul most wants and needs to see. In doing so, a door to transformation is opened deepening connection to self, the Earth, and to the larger community of all beings.


What to expect

Step 1: Preparation

  • Your guide will spend time with you asking you questions with the purpose of clarifying your intent for the Medicine Walk.

  • You will be briefed on where to go and how to manage your self-care while participating in the medicine walk.

Step 2: Creating a Threshold

The threshold is where you cross over from being in an ordinary state of mind into the Medicine Walk – where you can receive insights and messages from the natural world. Your guide will prepare you for this step.

Once the threshold is created you will step over or through it holding your question in mind. When your walk is complete you will return to this place.

Step 3: The Walk

A Medicine Walk is done alone. During this time you will enter a sensory mediation. You move slowly and pay attention to each of your senses and to the natural world. 

While you are on your walk, your guide will remain at a central area, hold space for you, and await your return.


Step 4: The return

When you return and pass the threshold, you will gently make the transition from your meditative state to a more ordinary state. This signifies the end of your medicine walk.


Step 5: Interpreting the Meaning of Your Walk

Whatever comes up for you on your walk is part of your “Medicine.” This Medicine carries with it a message for you. Your guide will lead you through a process where the story of your time on the land will be mirrored back to you, revealing the general theme of your time on the land.


What to Bring

Come prepared for being outside all day. That means proper clothing for the weather, (sunscreen and hat / rain gear), good walking shoes, plenty of water, and food for yourself. Please bring a timepiece as well (a wristwatch is ideal). Also, please bring a journal and/or sketchbook.


Bring an intention — a sense of what you are seeking, what questions you hold right now, or a shift you’re feeling that you’d like to mark ceremonially. This is an important thread that will give focus to your time on the land.


Ravenwood forest is accessible to people of all ages and abilities. No previous experience is necessary.



Dragonfly Healing's Medicine Walks are held at beautiful Ravenwood, located on 40 acres bordering the crystal clear waters of the Salmon River in the Sayward Valley, in the unceded traditional territory of the K’omoks, We Wai Kai and Wei Wai Kum First Nations. The land features majestic old-growth forest, grassy meadows, and many species of edible, medicinal, and culturally significant plants. Visitors are graced with regular visits from a local herd of Roosevelt Elk, and the annual salmon run draws in wildlife of all kinds, including black bears and bald eagles. 


To book your Medicine Walk, please contact me 



Please arrive at Ravenwood for 10AM, you can expect to wrap up by 3 PM.


Your Exchange
$225 +GST 

Click below to submit a payment. Cash or email money transfers are accepted too. If you need to cancel or change an appointment, I require 24 hours notice. Session fees will be charged for missed appointments and late cancellations, unless we are able to reschedule for another time the same week (I cannot guarantee availability, however). 




Getting to Ravenwood

​From Victoria: Take the inland Island Highway (Highway 19) North past Nanaimo and the Comox Valley. Stay on the highway straight through to Campbell River toward Port Hardy. When you get to the Sayward Junction, 45 minutes north of Campbell River, turn right. The next right, in about 100 metres, is Skogan Road. For Ravenwood , go left up the driveway to the end of Skogan Road.


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