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Our Story

Greetings! My name is Corinna. Along with my husband Greg, and son, Dakota, we are pleased to welcome you to Ravenwood.


Ravenwood Retreats grew from over 18 years of experience working with the transformative powers of nature, in a beautiful forest named Ravenwood. The first time I visited Ravenwood, I sat awestruck with my face glued to the car window. Snow capped Mount H’Kusam stood like an imposing sentinel watching over the Valley. Crystal-clear Salmon River ambled through the valley. And Forests, ancient groves of moss-covered Tree Kin bigger than any I had ever seen took my breath away. We turned off the junction, drove down the driveway, and entered a different world. One in which wildness still existed.


 Today, it is our pleasure to share the beauty and transformative powers of Ravenwood with you.

Our Invitation

Experience the power of Ravenwood in Corinna's newly released book, Ravenwood, The Healing Forest: Indigenous Wisdom, Life Threatening Illness, and Awakening the Heart, join us for one of our transformative nature retreats, sign up for one of our events, or stay with us for a personal retreat in our cozy Raven's Nest Skoolie or Forest Cabin. While you're here, enjoy a healing healing session with Corinna as your guide, or sample our ethically harvested wild-crafted products. 

Ravenwood Retreats is located in the Sayward Valley, on Vancouver Island, on 40 acres of property bordering the

Salmon River.

We resepctfully acknowledge that Ravenwood is in the unceded traditional territory of the K’omoks, We Wai Kai and

Wei Wai Kum First Nations.

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