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I have been thinking a lot about the need for change. I often do this in the company of Fire. If we are to evolve beyond the current crisis, we need to leave our egos behind and navigate grief and uncertainty with grace. If we are to be the change makers the world needs, we NEED to come together in support for the well being of the Earth and All Our Relations and tend the Fire of Life. Life, like Fire is evanescent and shimmering. Always changing. Regardless of our circumstances, we must be daring enough to hope. In times of uncertainty, we must find equanimity and remain hopeful about the future without becoming attached to an idea of what that may look like. We must dare to keep the Flame of Hope alive. Not because we need comforting illusions in times of challenge but because hope is a life-giving force that allows us to see the possibility for change, and to create and be the very thing we wish to see. Iskotewino means Firekeeper. We are all Firekeepers. Our sacred role is to gather and prepare what we need to create Life Giving Fire. Then, we tend to Fire and keep the door to the realm of Spirit and inspiration open. In doing so we keep the tendrils of hope and healing alive.

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