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Find Wholeness, Peace, and Unity in a Crazy World

A week of aligning your Inner and Outer Worlds

A week of aligning your inner and outer worlds 

With Elder Julie Tallard Johnson &

Wisdom Keeper Acahk Miskinahk Iskwew (Corinna Stevenson)

We Will

Help you to align your inner and outer worlds with wisdom that is grounded in a deep understanding of natural cycles, and years of lived experience about mindfulness and awareness.

You Will Learn

  • How nature can help to heal physical, mental, and emotional adversity and illness

  • Simple but powerful practices of calm abiding

  • To control your triggers and keep yourself grounded & centred 

Canadian author and educator, Jeannette Armstrong teaches that the Okanagan language is not written but spoken, and each syllable of the word for insanity carries a depth of meaning that is ecopsychologically profound: a) the first syllable means  ‘talking, talking inside your head’, b) the second component of the word means ‘scattered and having no community’, c) the third means ‘having no relationship to the land’, and d) the fourth syllable means ‘disconnected from the whole-earth part’. The root of this insanity lies in Western Civilization's disconnect from the natural world. Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health - our sanity, relies on reconciling this separation and awakening to the parts of our interconnectedness that have been numbed out as a result a focus on anthropocentric competitive individuation. The roots of healing the Earth and humanity lie in remembering what has always been a part of us and what all humans, at one time or another, understood to be the truth; that we are nature. What we do to the Earth we do to ourselves. Join us for an exploration of practicing Wholeness, Peace, and Unity in a crazy world.  

Live Call Dates and Topics

Feb 19 5:30 - 6:30 PM (Pacific) - Introduction and Mindful of Breath Meditation

Feb 20 5:30 - 6:30 PM (Pacific) Nature as Healer and Being in Love WIth the World

Feb 22 5:30 - 6:30 PM (Pacific) Going Forth With Calm Abiding


Acahk Miskinâhk Iskwêw (Corinna Stevenson) & Julie Tallard Johnson

This is a rare opportunity to work with two skilled and authentic guides who practice and explore daily what they teach.



Acahk Miskinâhk Iskwêw (Corinna Stevenson); B.Ed., MATP – Ecopsychology 

Corinna is the creator of Dragonfly Healing and author of Ravenwood: The Healing Forest: Indigenous Wisdom, Life Threatening Illness, and Awakening the Heart. For over 26 years, she has guided people through personal transformation in wilderness settings. As a therapeutic wilderness guide for youth at risk, she hiked and kayaked some of British Columbia’s most remote destinations. Diagnosed in 2010 with multiple myeloma, a terminal plasma cell cancer, and no longer able to withstand the rigors of wilderness expedition, she began navigating the wild terrains of the soul.


Despite a prognosis of 1-3 years to live, Corinna has danced with life threatening illness for over 13 years. Through her work, she offers passage into the wild, dynamic natural world where the fullness of life, even in the face of great difficulty is felt. Those who work with her experience the miracle of finding one’s true connection with nature and how it is possible to live a good life, a beautiful life, amidst illness, chronic pain, loss, and uncertainty.


As a Métis woman, wisdom keeper, and ceremonialist, Corinna weaves traditional cultural teachings and Earth-based forms into all her practices. An exceptionally talented soul guide and writer, Corinna brings much heart, wisdom, and integrity to her work. She is a wonderfully grounded and deeply inspirational person who holds the tension between lightness and darkness with grace, humour, and love.


Corinna is caretaker of Ravenwood. She holds a Bachelor's in education from McGill University and a Master of Arts in transpersonal psychology with a concentration in ecopsychology from Naropa University. She has also completed master’s level clinical counselling courses in counselling theory, family systems therapy, group therapy, and research methods, and has trained with the Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy. Corinna is a level 3 Reiki Usui practitioner and a shamanic drum journeying guide. She is a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence (Certificate of Excellence, 2003).






Julie Tallard Johnson, MSW, LCSW

Julie started her meditation practice and journaling at the age of 16, along with consulting the ancient Chinese oracle, the I Ching. Buddhism, mindfulness meditation, writing and consulting I Ching remain central to her life and work in the world. Her spiritual practice and teachings are grounded in Buddhism and Nature.  The Sage of the I Ching has been her constant companion, a lantern on her path. She wrote a book for Teens on the I Ching.  She has authored 11 books on helping us discover one's own spiritual path. Her primary motivation in guiding others is for them to find their own truth and spiritual path. She has held transformational circles based on The Wheel of Initiation: Practices for Releasing Your Inner Light, The Zero Point Agreement: How To Be Who You Already Are, and,  The Clue of the Red Thread: Discovering Fearlessness and Compassion during difficult times,for over 30 years. This yearlong pilgrimage, The Way Home borrows from the wisdom of The Zero Point Agreement.


As an elder now, having been a transpersonal psychotherapist for over 40 years, Julie has gathered meditation and mind training practices that bring forth our unique inner resources of insight, compassion, courage, clarity, and creativity. Rooted in the Buddhist tradition that we are one with nature, one with all of life, she brings us back to ourselves through our breath, through clarity with our hearts and minds, and our dependence on nature. She is trained in transpersonal breathwork, mindfulness meditation practices, somatic healing, and depth psychology. She also works with writers to help them bring forth their voices and stories to the page.


Her teachings and practices are grounded in understanding how our emotions influence our relationship to ourselves, others, and the natural world. “Spiritual health, our relationship to our soul and Spirit, and the health of our planet (soil) are interictally dependent on our emotional well-being.” (JTJ, 2024)

“As free human beings, we can use our unique intelligence to understand ourselves and our world. But if we cannot use our creative potential, we lose one of the basic characteristics of a human being. In order to find mental stability and peace, the mind itself can be trained. We can cultivate positive attitudes like kindness and compassion, tolerance and contentment. Julie describes many ways to create peace and happiness in her work."   

His Holiness the Dalai Lama, July 1995

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